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Dragonflies - Year 2

Welcome to Dragonflies Class

With Miss Oldham, Miss Wright and Mrs DaSilva.



I hope you all had a great break over the summer, and that the children have many adventure stories to share. We are back in our old room, and many of our old routines will remain. Children will be asked to put their things into their lockers in the same way as last year, ready to come in when the bell goes. If you are leaving your child before 08:45 you need to leave them in the care of a familiar adult. If you want your child to be collected by an adult other than yourself, you need to let the office know so that they can record that information. If it is a one off then just let me know at the beginning of the day.


Children need to have their reading book and record with them daily. If your child is enjoying reading a book from home they are welcome to bring this in too, as there will be time during each day for them to choose to spend some time reading independently. Please name them, so we can be sure that they go home with the right person!


PE kits should be in school Monday to Friday. Please think carefully about the weather and include both indoor and outdoor footwear, and outerwear suitable for cold and damp conditions. Daps or plimsolls are not suitable for a wet and muddy field! Including a plastic bag in their PE kit is helpful, to separate wet shoes from clothes. You are welcome to take kits home over the weekend and I will try and give you a heads up if the children’s kits are muddy or wet, so you can take them home and give them a wash!


We will have a water station in the classroom with cups, so we do not need water bottles in class. If you would like to provide a water bottle for your child to store in the their locker and access at break time you are very welcome to do so.


Homework will start coming home next week. It will not be onerous and will vary according to the needs of the child. It will be based on the principle of ‘little and often’ and should help children to develop the core skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the latter parts of the KS1 curriculum. For this reason those who do not hand it in will be expected to complete it at school during break time.


I have attached the Teacher Assessment Frameworks for KS1 core subjects. This is the list of criteria by which I must assess the children towards the end of the year. As you will see, children are assessed as working towards the expected level, working at the expected level or working in greater depth. KS1 results are determined by teacher assessment. This assessment is made using a combination of the children’s SATS results and the evidence that accumulates in their books during the year, and is designed to be a fair representation of a child’s attainment at that point in time. I am required to provide three examples of independent work for each criteria, in order for the child to be recorded as working at that level. The results are used as a measure of progress from EYFS and as a baseline for progress measures in KS2. Please take the time to look through the TAFs - they are not inspiring, but they are important!


As always, if you need anything please come and find me to talk or send me an email at and I will do my best to help. 



Miss Oldham