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Snow Leopards - Year 4


With Miss Taylor, Mrs Paxton and Mrs Newman.

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Welcome back to term 3, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break filled with family fun.  We have adopted a Snow Leopard and the name was drawn from a box on Tuesday, Snowflake is the newest member to our class family.  Snowflake may visit you at some point at home, the children know that if Snowflake comes home it is to inspire them to create  piece of work about Snow Leopards e.g. a piece of writing, a picture or painting.

This term we will be diving into the world of Ancient Greece and will be opening our very own Ancient Greek Museum in term 4, invites will be sent out to all families for the grand opening.  Our journey of challenge continues across the curriculum,  I will continue to encourage the children to lead their own learning away from class and give them opportunity to share their discoveries with the class family.



If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask or email me.

Shelley Taylor


Here is an overview of what we will be learning this term.


RE/Personal and Social Education

Our main topics in RE this term are Epiphany, Local Church and our community and the Eucharist, In our PSED and Circle Time we are exploring about the importance of respecting and protecting the environment.



We will be linking our creative writing to our topic of Ancient Greece and will focus on Myths and Legends and Non Chronological reports.

Using ‘The Big Write’ to develop use of vocabulary.

SPAG, Guided reading, Handwriting – Cursive




This term we will be focussing Multiplication and Division and mastering our written calculations.  We will build on our knowledge of measurement and focus on area.

Fractions and decimals are a big focus in the Key Stage 2 Maths curriculum and can be challenging for even the most confident mathematician.  As we continue to develop our understanding of this area please share any worries your child may have so I can address it quickly, ensuring it doesn't become a barrier to their learning.  All areas of maths will be supported with problem solving.


We are on a mission to be secure with all times table facts up to 12 x 12, including the related division facts.


Science - States of Matter

We will learn about  states of matter - solids, liquids and gases.  We will look at the properties of materials, how they change, what effects the change and whether these are reversible or irreversible. 



We will be taking a journey through the history of Ancient Greece liked to story writing, non chronological reports.  We will look at home life, education and pass times..


Computing (ICT)

- Basic E- safety including antibullying.

- Research and presenting findings. 


DT – linked to our Ancient Greece  topic.


Art - Linked to our Ancient Greece topic.


Music Linked to our Ancient Greece topic..


P.E. –Dance  .

Outdoor games –Netball.





What I need to remember:

- To remember to read daily and to give my signed reading log into Mrs Newman.

- To do my spellings ready for my spelling challenge on a Friday.

- To practice times tables for challenge on a Friday.


Things that will help me:

To read at home every day.

To practice my spellings and mental maths daily.


Special dates or events this term:

15-01-19 After school clubs start.

18.1.19 – Visiting Theatre Group – The Selfish Giant

25.1.19 @ 2:00pm Our Class Celebration Assembly

15-02-19 END OF TERM 3

My targets for this term are:


My targets for this term are:

English Reading – To read daily – ask someone in your family to ask you questions about the book you are reading. Remember you are working towards having tea with your teacher!!

Writing – To have a go at free writing at home a letter, a story or a poem about Ancient Greece

Maths– To secure times table facts up to 12x 12. – do you also know the division facts?

Homework Projects. - A Home Challenge is an open-ended task that children are encouraged to complete in a way that captures their imagination.


The challenge this term is linked to our class topics of Ancient Greece. The children will have the opportunity to present their projects to the whole class as well as using them in our Term 4 Ancient Greece Museum.


We look forward to seeing the results of the children leading their own learning through these projects.