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The Chaplaincy Team

Chaplaincy Team


This year we have continued with our previous Chaplaincy team as they did such a good job. They will be training our new year 3 members to continue with their good work.


Polar Bears, Year 3 -

Snow Leopards, Year 4 -

Beavers, Year 5 -

Foxes, Year 6 -


Last year we visited Julia's House and learnt about the amazing things that they do there.  We have made this our charity focus for the coming year. The Chaplaincy team decided that they wanted to carry this through into the next school year with their knowledge, experience and ideas to raise money for this worthy cause. We have newly elected the Year3 children and welcome them on the team.


The responsibilities of the Chaplaincy team are:-


1 - To help in ensuring that we all practise meditation working alongside the younger classes.

2 - Ensuring the prayer tables are up to standard and have the correct liturgical colours on.

3 - Updating the web page termly.

4 - Supporting mass.


I will be working with the Chaplaincy team over the coming year and am looking forward to all that it will bring,

Jo Ruddick





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