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The Chaplaincy Team


  Chaplaincy Team.

                                                                      Welcome Back

   The chaplaincy team for this year has now been desided and they are .....

   St George: Joshua Kendell and Sofia Da Silva

   St Patrick: Joshua Mensah and Jessica Cooper

   St John: Eliie Smith and Roshan

   St Matthew's: Layla Timmins and Billy Burke

   St Andrew's: Evie Routledge and Cory Cerqua 

    We are all very exited to have been chosen as part of the chaplaincy team and look forward to working toghether this            school year. 


Prayer Council.

    The prayer council are 

     St Antony's: Faith And Finlay

     St LUke's: Ellie May and Caullam

     St David's: Ruby and Luke






Welcome back!

welcome back after half-term all the chaplaincy team wish you enjoyed spending time with your family.